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Chapter 2031 AGT

Chapter 2031 AGT

“Let him go,” Dreamstart said for the third time, but this time, it was noticeably weaker than before. “I, Dreamstart, swear by my lifelong honor that I will not harm you in the slightest after you release him. Today’s events will be forgiven. If we meet again in the future, I will not cause trouble.”

Given his identity and status, this oath carried immense weight. However, as the words fell, faced with Yun Che’s mocking gaze, he suddenly felt like he had said a bunch of nonsense, even to himself.

“Dreamstart?” Yun Che sneered with each word. “I’ve never heard of that name. As for your honor, Dreamstart Continent knows what kind of person you are. As his guardian and supervisor, you turned a blind eye to his actions, never stopped him. Honor? Are you even worthy of mentioning these two words?”

Dreamstart’s chest heaved with anger, but it wasn’t directed solely at Yun Che; a significant portion of it was aimed at Dreamsenzhou. He did want to stop him, to advise him, but could he really stop him?

In the trials of the Misty Sea, one must face danger and temper the heart within. However, Dreamsenzhou would become utterly panicked even in the face of slightly dangerous Abyss Beasts. After narrowly escaping danger, he would flee back to the periphery of the Misty Sea, then vent his frustrations by tormenting weaker individuals.

He had taken “a coward at a critical moment” to the extreme.

Dreamstart had been with him as his mentor, bound to him for life. As one of the only two legitimate sons of the God Emperor of No Dreams, he was once proud of this position. When he was young, Dreamsenzhou was undoubtedly deserving of the title “genius,” and everyone, including the God Emperor of No Dreams, had high hopes for him.

However, later on, with the birth of Dreamsenyuan, the youngest son of Dream Empty Cicada, and his early awakening of his divine power, Dreamsenzhou’s position in the Dreamweave Divine Nation plummeted. Faced with a significant fall from grace, his thoughts became completely erratic, always trying to suppress Dreamsenyuan. But who was Dream Empty Cicada? How could he not see through his intentions, leading to him disliking him more and more…

Fortunately, Dreamsenyuan died, and it was a “close call.”

But Dreamsenzhou didn’t have much time to relax. Just two short years later, his seemingly ordinary younger brother, Dreamsenxi, suddenly awakened his divine power and became the current Dreamweave God’s Child.

Dreamsenzhou’s mentality shattered.

Although Dreamsenyuan was a peerless genius with awakened divinity from birth, he was still young and inexperienced, susceptible to being plotted against. But Dreamsenxi was entirely different. He silently bided his time when he was insignificant, not drawing too much attention to himself. Once his divinity awakened, he shook the entire Dreamweave Divine Nation in a single move. Like a small stream converging into the vast sea.

Dreamsenyuan’s death, while widely rumored to be the work of other divine nations, also led many to secretly suspect Dreamsenzhou’s involvement, albeit without evidence. This inevitably made Dreamsenxi extremely wary of him. When it came to suppressing and trampling on him, he showed no mercy.

Over the years, Dreamsenzhou’s mental state and will had both collapsed. He had made no progress and had become even more unbearable in his behavior. He dared not act recklessly in front of Dreamsenxi and, outside, he indulged in extravagance and recklessness, wishing to vent the countless frustrations in his heart.

This time’s trial in the Misty Sea had left Dreamstart deeply disappointed to the point of despair. He had even sighed to himself more than once… Dreamsenzhou was simply the shame of the Dreamweave Divine Nation!

But no matter how unbearable he was, he was still a son of the God Emperor. Regardless of anything, his safety had to be ensured.

Dreamstart did his best to calm his emotions and regained his composure. “Yun Che, you may not trust me, but you just heard it. His soul bears an imprint left by the God Emperor. If you kill him, there will be no turning back for you. You, as well as your family and clan, will have no place in this vast abyss.”

“You haven’t acted until now, so I suppose you don’t want to die either,” Dreamstart said, no longer attempting to use his spiritual pressure to control Yun Che. He softened his aura and tone. “In reality, there is no deep enmity between you. Why destroy yourselves? Tell me, how can we secure his release?”

Seemingly sensing his sincerity, Yun Che’s gaze softened a bit. He said coldly, “If I can live, who would want to die? What I’ve always wanted is simple: to ensure I can leave alive. But I can’t trust any guarantee from you. Only what I say counts.”

“You have my word,” Dreamstart said, pressing on. “Tell me.”

Yun Che took a step back, dragging Dreamsenzhou with him. After a hundred steps, he removed his hand from Dreamsenzhou’s neck, revealing a red spherical gem in his palm.

Dreamstart could faintly sense a peculiar spatial aura emanating from it.

“This is a spatial profound stone that can activate a teleportation array lasting for five breaths,” Yun Che explained slowly.

“It connects to another teleportation array. I’ll take him into it, and you can’t follow. After five breaths, when the teleportation array is about to disappear, I’ll send him back. This is the only way to ensure my safe escape,” Yun Che explained.

Dreamstart frowned deeply, “But what if you don’t send him back before the teleportation array disappears within those five breaths?”

Yun Che grinned, “Since we don’t trust each other, I might as well kill him right now!”

“Wait!” Dreamstart panicked, realizing that his life was at stake. In his eyes, Yun Che was nothing compared to Dreamsenzhou. He ground his teeth and reluctantly agreed, “Fine, we’ll do it your way.”

He had initially wanted to add a few threatening words, but when he faced Yun Che’s terrifying gaze, he swallowed his words.

Someone so ruthless existed outside of the Divine Nation, entirely disregarding the Divine Nation’s authority and pushing him to this extent.

“Very well,” Yun Che narrowed his eyes and issued a final warning, “I will keep him in my hands until the last instant before the teleportation array closes. If you dare to follow, you’ll meet your doom!”

Without waiting for Dreamstart’s response, he activated the spatial profound stone in his hand. A teleportation array, about a yard wide, slowly opened in front of Yun Che. Instead of the pure white light typically associated with teleportation arrays, it emitted a faint crimson glow.

In an instant, Yun Che and Dreamsenzhou stepped into it and disappeared within the crimson divine light.

Dreamstart swiftly moved to the edge of the teleportation array. At this moment, he finally heaved a heavy sigh of relief. However, he didn’t dare to take another step forward.

One breath, two breaths… three breaths passed.

On the other side, as the space shifted before him, Yun Che wasted no time and carried Dreamsenzhou, dashing away as fast as possible.

“You…” Dreamsenzhou began to cry out but was abruptly silenced by the overwhelming Abyssal Dust that engulfed his entire body. Although they were in the Misty Sea as well, this time it was a completely different kind of Abyssal Dust, unlike anything he had experienced before.

Compared to the outer regions, this place was an entirely different world, akin to a terrifying nightmare within the depths of the Abyss.

Four breaths.

Dreamstart’s spirit was tensely focused, and his arm was extended, ready to protect Dreamsenzhou the moment he appeared in the teleportation array.

Five breaths.

However, Dreamsenzhou had still not appeared, and the teleportation array, bathed in a strange red light, had not disappeared.

Six breaths!

Without further hesitation, Dreamstart’s fingers clenched tightly, and he stepped into the teleportation array.

The world shifted, and the already dim sight suddenly darkened several times over. Abyssal Dust poured in from all directions, momentarily shocking Dreamstart.

This was still the Misty Sea, but the thickness of the Abyssal Dust here was something he had never experienced before.

At this moment, he had no time to think about anything else. His powerful spiritual sense resisted the oppressive radiation of the Abyssal Dust and extended into his surroundings. Finally, when his sensing range was about to reach its limit, he touched the auras of Yun Che and Dreamsenzhou, who were rapidly fleeing.

“How dare… they… deceive me!” Dreamstart muttered through gritted teeth. Even if Yun Che had left Dreamsenzhou behind and escaped on his own, he might not have been so furious, and he might not have pursued them. Dreamsenzhou’s life was more important than anything else, and in this deep Misty Sea, he had to take him to safety.

With a low growl, his profound energy, which had been suppressed for a long time, erupted like thunder, and he chased after Yun Che at an astonishing speed.

Sensing the sudden burst of energy behind him, Yun Che slowed down instead, turning around in the air with a calm and sly glint in his eyes. With Abyssal Dust providing cover, if he wanted to break free from Dreamstart’s spiritual perception, two breaths would be more than enough.

He had never wanted to leave unscathed.

Not just for survival, but to eliminate any future threats!

By the way, as Dreamstart’s body had just shot up, two gray points of ethereal light suddenly appeared in his pupils, like hellish lanterns lighting up. The profound practitioners of the Dreamweave Divine Nation were skilled in soul power, giving them a heightened sensitivity to danger. In the instant those two points of ethereal light entered his eyes, they were accompanied by an icy chill that penetrated deep into his soul.

This coldness rapidly spread through every vein in his body, causing his body and soul to convulse and shiver. What was it?

The sudden cold and fear temporarily left Dreamstart in a state of confusion, and when he regained his senses, a dark shadow had already enveloped his head. The pressure released by this dark shadow instantly dispersed the profound energy around him, and the sound of his bones being compressed and distorted reverberated throughout his body like thunder.

Is this… a god? The terrifying words “God Monarch” flashed through Dreamstart’s mind, shattering his very soul and spirit.

Without the slightest thought of resistance, Dreamstart struck out with a palm, and the force of the counter-shock, combined with his profound energy, carried his body away at high speed.

There was a significant gap in profound strength between the mid-God Monarch and the God Monarch, and this place was deep within the Misty Sea, making the disparity even more apparent. His profound energy, suppressed by both the Abyssal Dust and the God Monarch Abyssal Beast, was unable to be released, leaving his body feeling as heavy as if each cell were crushed by a thousand-pound boulder.

He could only sense that the black shadow was drawing nearer and nearer, as his eyes were filled with mounting horror and despair. BOOM!

Despite a full six breaths of all-out retreat, Yun Che had already distanced himself significantly, but the eruption of power from the God Monarch Abyssal Beast still sent him tumbling through the air, propelling him several miles away.


Yun Che took a deep breath. This was the terror of the God Monarch realm. It was difficult to imagine how powerful the true god-level strength could be. Although he had come into contact with the God Monarch level through Ji Yuan, Ji Yuan must have been extremely cautious even in that fragile world. He would have meticulously suppressed any aura that naturally emanated from him. Yun Che never had a chance to truly experience the level of terror associated with a true god or devil.

The vast Misty Sea, covering millions of miles, collapsed in an instant, and Dreamstart’s body was brutally thrust deep underground, where the depth was unfathomable.

However, with a living being present, the instinctual destructive power of the Abyssal Beast did not cease. The claws of the God Monarch Abyssal Beast stirred the destructive gray light, stepping firmly on the collapsing ground.


The power of destruction from the previous instant was still rampant when the second calamity struck, once again causing the already crumbling land to shatter into thousands of cracks.

Yun Che quickly raised his hand to create a barrier in front of him, preventing him from being pushed further back.

He couldn’t help but sigh inwardly, realizing that his control over the Abyssal Beast’s power was still too low, and he couldn’t precisely manipulate the areas where its power erupted. Otherwise, he could have stood on top of its head and enjoyed the show.

In the collapsing Misty Sea, Dreamstart’s figure quickly shot out. He had no color in his face, was covered in blood, his left arm hung lifelessly, and in his right hand, there was a silver longsword. He turned around and flew towards the two most conspicuous points of ethereal light, which were the eyes of the God Monarch Abyssal Beast.

In the face of certain death, one could only struggle for their life.


The flying sword, carrying the remnants of demigod’s power, struck the eyelid of the God Monarch Abyssal Beast, producing a sharp metallic collision sound. A sword controlled by a demigod of a divine nation was far from ordinary. However, the God Monarch Abyssal Beast, as a guardian beast, possessed an incredibly robust body. The silver sword was sent flying far away in the resounding noise. The point where it struck left only a tiny groove, without even drawing a drop of blood.

Meanwhile, the God Monarch Abyssal Beast’s colossal claw slammed down on Dreamstart.


The fleeing demigod was crushed like a humble fly. The sound of breaking bones rang out harshly, and Yun Che immediately recognized it. It was a bone shattering, a sound that was painfully loud in his ears… and he was sure that the demigod’s bones were shattered beyond recognition.

It was Dreamstart’s spine that was cruelly shattered. With a broken spine, even a demigod was rendered useless. The God Monarch Abyssal Beast let out a deep, hoarse roar, and its kirin claw rained down chaotically upon Dreamstart.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom—

The beast’s attacks were not fancy; they were mostly pure destructive force. Each strike from the kirin claw, charged with the power of a God Monarch, caused the earth to boil, the space to tremble, and Dreamstart’s demigod aura to rapidly diminish, growing weaker and weaker.

Just as Dreamstart’s aura dwindled to the point where it was almost imperceptible, the destructive onslaught suddenly ceased. The kirin claw of the God Monarch Abyssal Beast was half-raised and remained suspended in the air, motionless for a long time.

With a howling wind, Yun Che, holding Dreamseed, landed lightly by the side of the God Monarch Abyssal Beast. He glanced at Dreamstart, who lay prostrate in the large pit.

The once mighty demigod, who looked down on all beings, now appeared so wretched that the phrase “too horrible to look at” couldn’t even describe it adequately.

He seemed more like a pile of barely connected rotting flesh rather than a person.

Yet, those two eyeballs twitched slightly, and there were faint strands of breath.

He was, after all, a demigod who had stepped into the realm of the gods with one foot, and he managed to leave behind a shred of life… though living in such a state was worse than a merciful death.

“I told you not to follow, why didn’t you listen?” Yun Che shook his head with a look of pity and casually dropped Dreamseed on the ground.

Although Dreamseed had a broken heart, he was not seriously injured. Yun Che didn’t even bother sealing his profound power.

However, once dropped on the ground, Dreamseed’s limbs trembled, and he curled up. He couldn’t even stand, let alone escape. His pale face was as white as paper, and he couldn’t produce a sound despite his lips moving.


An inhuman sound escaped Dreamstart’s throat, like a last glimmer of hope. His vision cleared slightly.

He saw the terrifying God Monarch Abyssal Beast, which was now motionless, and Yun Che, floating beside the horrifying abyssal creature.

This scene was more absurd than all the bizarre dreams he had ever had in his life. After the absurdity came an extreme fear that instantly swallowed all his remaining consciousness. Yun Che extended his hand, and an invisible soul light penetrated Dreamstart’s soul sea. When his soul sea was invaded, his soul, which he had cultivated throughout his life, subconsciously attempted to counterattack. However, before his remaining soul could condense, there was a distant dragon roar from the depths of his soul sea, which instantly shattered the remnants of his soul power.

“Hmm,” Yun Che withdrew his soul power and said nonchalantly, “It seems you don’t have a soul mark. Who would be willing to leave a soul mark on a person like you?”

Dreamstart’s earlier words had served as a reminder, causing Yun Che to act with some caution.

“So, go ahead and die peacefully,” Yun Che said, flicking his finger, and a wisp of profound energy brushed against Dreamstart. This profound energy was so weak that it couldn’t even harm a God Realm expert. Nevertheless, in an instant, it extinguished the last glimmer of life in this demigod from the Divine Nation.

“Lord Lord Lord…” Dreamseed finally managed to produce a sound with great effort. His pupils rapidly dilated and contracted, as if they were about to explode at any moment.

Dreamstart could no longer respond, and his eyes, which had remained relatively intact, gradually lost their last traces of color.

“Now it’s your turn,” Yun Che said, folding his arms and calmly looking at Dreamseed. “Tell me, how do you want to die?”

The words in his ear caused Dreamseed’s entire body to stiffen. He immediately crawled backward while stammering, “Don’t, don’t kill me, don’t kill me.”

Even though his profound power was not sealed, he couldn’t muster any strength. His legs trembled violently, as if they could collapse at any moment.

He feared Yun Che, he feared the abyssal beast that could explode Dreamstart, and he feared the sight of them standing together.

The most horrifying thing in the world is something that completely transcends one’s understanding.

Yun Che raised his hand and made a casual gesture towards the back. Instantly, the God Monarch Abyssal Beast slowly retreated to a distance of a thousand feet, then quietly lay prostrate on the ground.

This scene left Dreamseed completely devoid of color.

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